About Us

Beginning: Our service started running successfully in the year 2019 and we had very little down time. With the dedicated involvement and very good support from our skilled and experienced programmers working on this service we are able to provide top notch service. We thank all our clients for making this service successful by supporting us.

24/7 Support: Our Professional Technical group comprises of youthful and enthusiastic learning developers, the individuals who are all skilled in Asp.net/ PHP/JavaScript/C/C++/C#/Perl/ programming and have sound information in system side and server side. We are helping our customers to incorporate our administration in their product free of expense.

Honesty: We are not charging any extra or hidden fees. We are 100 % straightforward and our business morals simply rely on our customers Trust. We do not charge any additional cash nor do we have any concealed charges. Our customers can cross check all the subtle elements through our online devices, and all obliged points of interest we are outfitting in the customer logging page. In this page customers can screen the sum paid points of interest, Credit expended, Captcha Usage, Solved captchas, Bad Captchas, decaptcha and a lot more.

Legal: CaptchaSolver is not responsible for the applications, scripts and any other utilities that use our service. Any product using this service cannot violate Digital Millennium Copyright Act or any other international law. We reserve the right to stop providing the service in case the client use it for suspicious or illegal activities. Hacks and malware

Terms: CaptchaSolver does not allow the use of our services for illegal software or activities like any kind of spam, viruses, trojans, malware or any other malicious software that can cause our services to be banned/backlisted.

In case we detect any suspicious activity we keep the right to block the account for an unlimited period. In this case the client will be notices by email. The client have the right to know the reasons and to negotiate the reactivation of his account. Source code

Code: You have the right to use the provided source code as you like except you can't use it with another decaptcha service. By using our services you declare that your product/software doesn't violate any law.